Together Apart EP
Together Apart EP

Together Apart EP

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When the coronavirus crisis started were you scared, resolved, confused, resourceful? Did it change everything or nothing? Or maybe all of these, all at the same time?

Together Apart is a real-time exploration of how lockdown affected our thoughts on happiness, identity, freedom, and the future. Told through interwoven songs, stories, and music. 

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If you want a taster, here is a high-quality digital EP with 4 songs. 

Track listing:

  1. Happy Ever After
  2. When Will I See Me
  3. Freedom
  4. The New Hopefuls

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Music, lyrics by Nazneen Rahman
Vocals and backing vocals by Nazneen Rahman
Backing vocals (track 4) by The New Hopefuls choir
Production (tracks 2-4) by Oscar Moos
Production track 1 by Joe Davison from Auburn Jam Music
Production assistance track 2 by Haroon Taylor
Mastering by Mads Hye and Rolf Grove at Skouboe Studiet
Artwork by Nazneen Rahman and Catalina Alzate

(C)(P) Sarana Records