The BitterSweet Trilogy (digital)

The BitterSweet Trilogy (digital)

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The BitterSweet Trilogy includes 30 songs from 3 albums.

The songs explore universal human experiences through intimate velvet vocals and rich storytelling. You can buy individual albums here.

Together they chart life's journey through changes, choices, chances. I hope they feel real and honest, and perhaps guide you to new discoveries about yourself and your world. Nazneen xx

  1. Can't Clip My Wings - about the changes life throws our way
  2. Answers No Questions - about our struggles with choices
  3. I'm Too Old to Die Young - about finding the courage to take chances


  • 30 high-quality fully mastered songs.
  • Digital high-quality MP3 downloads of all tracks.
  • Contact us if you want different format (e.g. WAV, AAC). 
  • 10% discount compared with buying digital albums individually
  • Take some time for yourself and spend it with me. I'm waiting for you 😊.

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